what is ichigo ichie

ichigo ichie translates to one life, one encounter

from the pages of The Book of Ichigo Ichie – 
what this means to tell us is that each meeting, everything we experience, is a unique treasure that will never be repeated in the same way again. So if we let it slip away without enjoying it, the moment will be lost forever.

living ichigo ichie blog is where we pen down our experiences, explorations, and encounters while practicing this intentional and meaningful way of living.

our journal page is ongoing documentation where we put together a few beautiful memories as a result of this practice.

on musings page, you will find our ichigo ichie reflections and connections we make with the world around us.

the fleeting nature of moments, or should we say life, is a fact that we cannot be oblivious to. Let’s embrace this knowledge and try to live each moment as if it was our last