Mayfield Lavender farm – Exciting day trip from London

Mayfield Lavender Farm summer

I entered the farm to find myself surrounded by mesmerising purple blanket across 25 acres. The monochrome spread never looked so gorgeous until this moment. I could see lavender, taste lavender, smell lavender and feel lavender all around me. While the sun and clouds played a gig in the blue sky, the lavender field danced and displayed different hues of purple like an overjoyed peacock dancing just before rain.

I was awestruck!

mayfield lavender
Its therapeutic…. to body and soul.


Mayfield Lavender Farm is an easy 1 hour 10 minutes drive from London. It is open from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm. Entry ticket is £4 per adult, kids go free. Picnics are not allowed on the farm but they do have an in-house cafe and shop.
I went in mid July when the farm was in full bloom. But it is best to check on their website before planning the trip.

The farm experience

The gates opened at 9:00 am and there we were waiting outside like a bunch of impatient children itching to run in the farm recklessly. We touched the velvety lavender and sniffed its sweet scent while running between the rows of lavender bushes imitating airplanes. It was so much fun.
Pro Tip: Reach at 9 am to have the whole farm by yourself brought to life by your own silly ear-splitting giggles and awkward posing in natural light.

Soon the exuberant me found out that my family was not alone on the farm. Bees in humungous numbers were busy hovering and sampling the nectar from one flower to another making mocktails in their pouches. While the bees camouflaged, the gorgeous white butterflies stood out on the natural purple canvas. 

a girl in lavender farm
natures child… happy in its arms 🙂

Nearby Oaks Park

With every passing minute the farm became busier so we decided to go to a nearby Oaks Park for a peaceful lunch break. This park had a cafe, open space for picnic and children’s play area. Highly recommend if you have kids. 
Pro-Tip: The in-house farm cafe can be suuuper busy with long queues. Best is to carry some food and eat in the car park or head to a nearby park. You can re-enter the lavender farm later.

oak park oak park lavender farm
look at this tree @Oaks Park.. so giving and humble

ichigo ichie moment

After a quick yet relaxing picnic and some tree climbing, we re-entered the lavender farm. Our car was parked along the field with boot facing towards the farm. We opened the boot and sat there to enjoy the view while sipping hot coffee and crisps which I picked from the Oaks park cafe. This was my time to pause-admire-reflect the beauty of the place and be grateful to live this moment. 

Ichigo Ichie moment in lavender farm
Happy spectators..

The beautiful lavender farm was bustling with life. Kids playing hide n seek, couples holding hands, a lady in red posing with her hat, a mum clicking pictures of her daughter in white dress and pink hairband, two friends giggling and clicking selfies and a girl blowing bubbles which floated in the air and got everyone excited. They all looked like a cheerful blob of color on the purple canvas. I could tell that each and everyone on that farm that day was weaving numerous memories and stories to tell. 

Ichigo Ichie moment
Doesn’t this look like a painting?

We three had a great time, a time that has been etched to our memory forever. We were happy to have got the opportunity to experience this place in a special way, the ichigo ichie way.. We truly lived the moment which could have ended up in a picture clicking frenzy but… did not.

family fun at lavender farm london
Did I mention about the violin? lol

If you found this informative or if it inspires you to live the Ichigo Ichie moment, let us know.
We will be overjoyed to hear!

6 thoughts on “Mayfield Lavender farm – Exciting day trip from London

  1. Absolutely gorgeous pics . I love the way you describe the beauty of place and inspire people to change their perspective of looking at things. I have visited lavender farm here in Canada and loved every bit of it . The fragrance of lavender is so soothing effect on mind n soul. Keep writing n inspiring everyone around .. Loads of love ❤️

    1. Hello Parul,

      Aww. Thank you so much for the lovely comment.
      At Ichigo Ichie Life, we wish to create a community where we all Pause. Admire. Respect what we have hence #ichigoichielife.
      “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” – Mae West

    1. Hello Aparna,
      Glad you liked it. The farm , when in full bloom, looks absolutely gorgeous. Hope you will visit and experience it first hand.

    1. Hello Jasleen,

      We are glad you liked our blog.
      It was indeed dreamy. Not to mention the scent in the air relaxed me and made me happy. A unique experience!

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