what makes the ordinary moment extraordinary?

Woken up by the faint sound of the downpour, you unlatch the window while looking at your phone screen. Ignoring the gentle caressing of the crisp morning air on the face as your mind is elsewhere, you move on with your day.

Let’s retake!

Woken up by the faint sound of the downpour, you unlatch your window and a sudden gust of wind escorting raindrops tease and twitch your face. With a deep breath and a lazy stretch, you close your eyes to feel and smell the cold air that moments ago frisked those tiny droplets. Along with your rhythmic breathing, you pause to pay attention to the subtle chill that runs down your body. 

A simple moment lived so differently. What made the same ordinary morning moment extraordinary? It was the way you experienced it. When you chose to be truly alive by pausing and bringing all the senses together without any distractions, you instantly encountered an immersive experience.

Our five senses are like windows through which we perceive our surroundings. Listening, looking, smelling, touching and tasting plays a pivotal role in our day to day lives. This is what makes our everyday experiences truly magical and yet we often forget its importance. 

Imagine how our lives would change if we were unable to see colors? Imagine what it would be like to stand close to a waterfall on a hot sunny day and feel nothing, hear nothing?Do you think with the inability to smell and feel, the food would taste the same?

Living Ichigo Ichie has taught me to be grateful and mindful of all the senses that I am bestowed with. While practicing this Japanese way of living, I have found a new connection with nature and its elements. My daily encounters with people are much more pleasant and memorable. The awareness of the fleeting nature of time encourages me to make the most of what I have.  

This has definitely changed the way I look at life now and I would not want it any other way 🙂

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