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Welcome to living ichigo ichie!

All of us listen to motivational content, follow inspiring people on the internet, Twitter, or Instagram. But the thing we struggle with is to apply that intellect when it’s needed the most.

Hi, I’m Preeti Singh co-founder of Living Ichigo Ichie, and just like you, I too follow great people talking about the power of the present moment. I am a cancer survivor who in the early days of my diagnoses understood that there are events we cannot control at all. So I asked myself what is the one thing I can control. I got the answer when I read ‘ICHIGO ICHIE’. It’s a Japanese phrase that means to tell us that we get one chance to live a moment, if it is lost, it’s gone forever. It is that hook that reminds me and empowers me to make most of my time at hand, my NOW.

I and my friend Delnavaz, together started this blog in 2020 to document our learnings and transformational moments while keeping Ichigo Ichie as the central idea. Though it started as a travel blog, we soon realized that this is much more than standing in front of the beach, driving through the most scenic road, etc. It’s about being mindful of the present moment and being fully aware of self at that moment, in fact any moment.

Our pre and post i.i journies are very different. We see deeper meaning in it – finding joy in small things, getting excited about small accomplishments and celebrating them, making intentional choices given the constraints in our lives, etc. We share our learnings, inspirational stories, and a window to our journey through this blog. Have fun reading!

Ichigo Ichie About Us
Ichigo Ichie About Us

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