epic Road Trip in Slovenia : My best 11 days

Lake Bled

Let me tell you a little secret of how the universe works its way into your life. One day, I was reading about the world of bees. Each article led me a step closer to Slovenia. In Slovenia, bee keeping is a way of life. And I was keen to see that way of life – up close and personal. So the first thing that I did was to get myself to visit the Kralov Med Apiary to understand and learn natures’ way of holding us together through beekeeping traditions. 

Slovenia Kralov Med Apiary
The unique “AŽ” hive allows beekeepers to monitor bee colonies more effectively 


Slovenia is a tiny spec on the map of Europe but with unmatched landscapes. It is one of the best kept secrets of Europe. Slovenia is the very first European country I extensively travelled to and I would not want it any other way. Imagine walking into a fairy tale book and living your dream filled with autumn beauty, alpine lakes, gorgeous villages, olive groves, orange orchards, endless vineyards. A drive through Slovenia would be my top choice of the most epic roads trips in the world. 

Slovenia sunset
My Hansel and Gretel moment 🙂

Suggested Itinerary – 7 Days

Day 1 & 2: Fly to Ljubljana & walk around the charming city of Ljubljana  -> Day 3: Explore Velika Planina with walks and hiking  -> Day 4: Lake Bohinj and undiscovered little towns -> Day 5: Lake Bled -> Day 6: Triglav National Park and Soca River Valley -> Day 7: Fly out from Ljubljana 

Suggested Itinerary – 11 Days

Day 1: Fly to Ljubljana -> Day 2: Explore Velika Planina with walks and hiking -> Day 3: Lake Bohinj and undiscovered little towns -> Day 4: Lake Bled -> Day 5: Lake Jasna, Zelensci Springs, Triglav National Park -> Day 6: Soca River Valley -> Days 7: Hanging out in Tolmin Town -> Days 8: Going for a local food festival in Kobarid -> Days 9&10: Goriska Brda Vinyards region -Vipolze, Dubrovik, Smartno -> Day 11: Final day in the charming city of Ljubljana

Renting a car

Slovenia is a rather small country that’s best explored by car. Most of the places are an hour or two away. Although is it possible to see the country by the public transport but if you are keen to explore beyond, a car is ideal. We rented a Skoda Fabia throughthe care rental agency, Sixt. A comfortable car will cost about 12-14 Euro/day. Loved the service of Sixit and hence recommend it.
Pro Tip: Pre-booking the car is advisable as the rates are considerably lower than on the spot bookings. 

Day 1: Fly into Ljubljana 

Direct flights from most European cities. Book in advance as the flights to Ljubljana are very few in the day. The fares for the flights tend to go up significantly closer to travel period.

Else to keep it flexible – choose the Flix bus ride to Ljubljana. 

Ljubljana boasts of lovely restaurants around the town centre, you must first go for the traditional Slovenian Goulash and Strukji

Traditional Slovenian Strukji
Traditional Slovenian Strukji 

Day 2: Drive to Velika Planina for fabulous hikes 

Wake up early in the morning and drive to Velika Planina. Behold! A beautiful herdsmen village on a magical plateau where the winds carry soft cowbell rings that is sweet music to your ears. Ditch the cable car and go hiking up instead. These mountain pastures won’t disappoint.

Velika Planina hike
We ditched the cable car and instead went hiking to the village 

With all the hiking you will surely be hungry so experience local Slovenian food like goulash at a restaurant called Domzalski Dom Na near Mali Planina. 

Slovania Goulash
Yummy goulash!

Stay: Ask Guest House Kralje Hrib to explain to you the best trek that goes through Mala Planina & Velika Planina.

Day 3: Explore undiscovered towns along the way to Lake Bohinj 

Bled is undoubtedly the most beautiful lake in Slovenia. But that is until you get gripped by the charming Lake Bohnij. Enjoyed by locals who chill on the banks of the river or go swimming in the crystal-clear blue waters or play sweet melodious music that floats with soft breeze. 

Lake Bohinj
Lovely picnic looking at beautiful Lake Bohinj 

There is no actual town called Bohinj but along our drive route we discovered little towns -Bohinska Bistrica, Ribcev Laz, Stara Fuzina, Ukanc, Srednja Vas V Bohinju where we stopped to admire the gardens. In fact, I think gardening is a national pastime in Slovenia with the flora showcasing a riot of colours. I loved the idyllic charm of the Ribcev Laz town especially near the bridge under which Lake Bohnij flows with best views at sunset. 

Stay : Lovely chalet style accommodation surrounded by mountains on all sides and nearby Lake Bohinj is Apartments Arh, Bohinj. Sit out on the porch for a breakfast. Step out and soak up the 360 degrees mountain view surrounded by mist.

Day 4: Lake Bled will make you fall in Love

Start your day by going to Vintgar gorge to see the natural wonders of Slovenia. Reach by 8 am to be able to experience the gorge in solitude. Walk around on the wooden planks that are narrow along the sides of cliffs. Marvel at the natural wonder of beautiful gorge, stunning waterfalls with the sun playing around. 

Lake Bled
Pan your eyes from top to bottom to discover Vintgar gorge

Lake bled is the biggest reason to visit Slovenia. I, for once, was completely smitten by the first sight of Lake Bled. It surely lives up to all the hype. I could sit all day looking at the gorgeous panoramic views. 

ichigo ichie moment – My Ichigo Ichie moment was rowing the boat on Lake Bled towards the island. The moment was serene – birds chirping, the sound of the water hitting your boat, the sun playing peek-a-boo often and the majestic island on Lake Bled getting closer and closer.

Lake Bled panaromic
Panaromic View of Lake Bled

To experience Lake Bled in The Ichigo Ichie way surely do the following:

  • Walk around the bled lake as long as you can see it. Walk away from the more commercial crowded side of lake bled to the quieter, calm end of the lake. Added bonus, you’ll get different angle of shots than the ones the world has taken.
  • Sip on some coffee and traditional Bled Cream Cake overlooking the lake.
  • Rent a traditional wooden boat and row by yourself to the island. It is more experiential, and you will test your muscle power and have a few giggles while you try to dock the boat in the parking space. Take a stroll around the island and get back to the shore (An hourly rate for the row boating experience sets you back by Euro 15).
  • Go for a hike to Ojstrica or Osojnica for the most magnificent view of the lake. Take in the breath-taking panoramic views while sitting on a bench on top of the hill and soak up the surrounding energy. 
  • Lastly just ahead of Lake Bled on an unassuming curve you’ll take, drive for about 5mins to reach Kralov Med Apiary to understand and learn natures’ way of holding us together through beekeeping traditions. 

That’s a lot for a day – so just stretch your muscles and relax. 

Stay: My favourite stay in Slovenia was Apartment House Bergi a charming little place. The living room was cosy, you will be unable to keep up with time here. Instead, unwind in the living room by the fireplace, and enjoy your warm croissants with coffee, soak in all the charm before you say your goodbye. 

Day 5: Lake Jasna, Zelensci Springs, Triglav National Park 

The landscape in Slovenia changes every few kilometres. At every nook and bend you have something new to discover. We discovered Lake Jasna with a wrong turn. And what a beautiful landscape we got invited to see! The lake is surrounded mountains by mountains on all sides – which adds to the charm.

Lake Jasna
That Emerald Blue water

If you think you’ve seen all pantone shades of blue and green – wait till you discover the Zelensci springs – that look like liquid emerald with different hues at every angle. The spring and its surrounding area are named after the colour – Zelensci, which means green in Slovene. “There is nothing more beautiful in Europe than this,” wrote Sir Humphry Davy about the beauties of the Soca Valley with its waterfalls and lakes. I absolutely agree Sir! 

Zelensci springs
Observe the symphony of colors, isn’t nature a marvellous painter?

ichigo ichie Tip – Awaken all your senses. Feel, listen, taste, see and get a sniff of the place, you will be mesmerised.

Get ready for the next adventure, with 32 hair pin bends, the Vrsic Pass drive goes through the Triglav national park. The drive is beautiful with the landscape changing every second. The ones driving be extra cautious of unending demands to stop at every bend. I made my husband stop at every turn. At every bend you can go out into the wild with little paths leading you somewhere, I bet you will not be disappointed.

Vrsic Pass drive
Rolling hills with autumn beauty

Feel the nip in the air, admire the gorgeous transformation of trees in autumn, balance yourself on small bridges, go foraging for mushrooms, try your hand at fly fishing or sheep farming, drive alongside breathtakingly beautiful gorge. You will fall in love with Slovenia for sure!

Lunch: While driving on the Vrsic pass, we chanced upon a lovely eatery Koca Nu Gozdu. We ate lunch in the balcony overlooking the mountains and recommend deer Goulash, mushroom dumplings with cheese and strukji. 
Dinner: Another lovely place with hearty Slovenian traditional food called Gostisce Hidvika Hedvika Mlekuz. Call for Soca trout, pumpkin soup, Bovski sir cheese. Don’t leave without trying the Krafi – a traditional pear filled dessert which feels like Christmas in your mouth. 

Tip: In the Triglav National Park, the 3 most amazing towns to stay in are Bovec, Kobarid & Tolmin. 
Stay : Hostel Bovec 

Day 6: Soca River Valley 

You’re in the heartland for everything that screams adrenaline and adventure. Go for water sports on the soca river – rafting, kayaking, canoeing. 

I had a surprise waiting for me at the end of the day. My husband knows my penchant for exploring new flavours. So he planned for a dinner at one of the World’s 50 best restaurantsHisa Franko. Hisa Franko has now been awarded 2 Michelin stars in 2020. It was such an exciting experience. The food was painstakingly detailed and crafted to perfection. The flavours of Soca were encapsulated in everything we ate. A true homage to the region. The flavours challenged your palate leaving you spellbound. 

Hisa Franko
Dinner at the Worlds 50 Best – Hisa Franko 

Stay : A lovely place very centrally located – Apartment Soca Tolmin.  

Day 7: Hanging out in Tolmin Town 

Explore the area around Tolmin. What better place to do so than Tolmin Gorge. The Tolmin gorge is the lowest and southernmost entry point into the Triglav National Park and Tolmin’s most important sight of nature. Reach here at 8 am to avoid the crowds. The trek will take 120 minutes. But do it at your own pace and just breathe in the fresh air and, take a pause be one with nature.

Tolminka Devil's bridge
Checking the tenacity of the foot bridge 

The main sights in Tolmin Gorge: 

  • The wedged rock named Bear’s Head
  • The Devil’s Bridge – set 60 metres high above the Tolminka River
  • The cave of Zadlaška jama (Dante’s cave)
  • The thermal spring in the cave under the Devil’s bridge
  • The Confluence of the Tolminka and the Zadlaščica, the lowest point of The Triglav National Park 

Stay : Apartment Soca Tolmin

Day 8: Going for a local food festival in Kobarid 

The little towns of Slovenia will truly take your breath away. Driving down winded narrow roads, navigating through a herd of sheep, watching cyclists zoom past you – is lovely way to begin the day. It was time to go for the Kobarid Food Festival that was to happen only over the weekend and the foodie in me could not miss it for the world. 

This day was reserved to eat non-stop. Kobarid is on the gastrological map of Slovenia, with Hisa Franko – the World’s 50 best restaurant – located in the town. Sampled the freshest of ingredients, the Slovenian way. Eat at Hisa Polenka & Topli Val in Kobarid. 

Driving from Kobarid to Goriska Brada region by car, stop on the way to see Kanal na soci and then Solkanski Most – the world’s single largest stone bridge in Solkan. 

Stay: Zoi Apartments in Vipolze. Shussshhh!!! it is just 10 mins away from Italy so you can drive down for a day trip 

Day 9: Explore the Goriska Brda the wine region – Vipolze, Dubrovik

Wake up to the most beautiful views for ‘breakfast overlooking the vineyards and Italy’. Unwind and have a leisurely breakfast.  

Village Vipolze breakfast
I stole the sun from the skies of Slovenia.Lol

Village Vipolze is just endless charming vineyards as you drive. Vila Vipolze was once a hunting mansion and later a villa of Gorizia’s counts. It has a majestic drive-in, a paved courtyard and a plantation of one of the oldest cypress trees in Slovenia. The facade of the two-story beauty, covered in white, will convince any visitor that the villa Vipolže is one of the most beautiful buildings of Renaissance architecture in Slovenia. 

Next is Dubrovo Castle. Visit Vinoteka Brda and Info centre at Dobrovo Castle you can sample wine with cheese, olives, bread. Go to a wine cellar and understand how wines are aged. Try local varieties – Rebula, Green Sauvignon & Orange wine. We picked up a few bottles to drink for the evening. 

Slovenia vineyards sunset
Vineyards as far as your eyes can gaze

Medana is a village located in the Gorizia Hills, a wine-producing region on the Slovenia-Italy border. Best to take a relaxing hike or cycle through local villages & vineyards and create your own Ichigo Ichie moments.

Stay: Zoi Apartments in Vipolze.

Day 10: Explore the Goriska Brda the wine region – Smartno 

Smartno is a lovely little village. The entire village is declared a cultural monumental site. The village is really small, so you could take a stroll and be transported to medieval times. Go for Olive oil tasting at House of culture in Smartno. The passion with which Tatjana describes the Olives and its history and details out the profiles of Olive oil is contagious. Say hi to Tatjana for me. 

Go up the Gonjače Viewing Tower for mesmerizing vineyard sights as far as you can see. Have lunch in Smartno at Hotel Marica. Here the food tends to get Mediterranean & Italian as it close to the border. 

Say goodbye to the gorgeous Goriska Brda region and drive down to Solkansi Most. On the way definitely stop by Osterija Zogica restaurant. It has a lovely club like feeling. Try the Soca Trout, the wild bor pate and the Coffee pear panacotta. The best panacotta I’ve had till date. 

Day 11: Final day in the charming city of Ljubljana

Slovenia Ljubljana
I’d be a happy prisoner at Ljubljana castle with such stellar views

Ljubljana is the charming capital of Slovenia. Spend your day walking around the old town centre exploring the city. 

  • Ljubljana Castle – The castle was once upon a time a prison. Trust me I’d be a happy prisoner with views like these! 
  • In the fall you should take a stroll in Tivoli Park through golden crisp crunchy leaves 
  • Walk past the Triple bridge for stellar views of the city 
  • Sit on a bench and gaze at the pink church 
  • Explore Metelkova Mesta, an alternative complex that boasts a lot of street art and urban culture. It dates back to when Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia 
  • Visit Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna) each Friday at the Ljubljana Central Market to enjoy the diversity of food – horse meat burger, spit roasted pig and lots more 
  • The best and most unusual pizza in Ljubljana 
  • Don’t miss out on the most unusual flavours of gelato 
  • Stroll at Ljubljana’s central market to buy authentic local souvenirs. Try fresh raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, mulberries and lots more

That’s the end to a most amazing road trip of my life. Slovenia is undoubtedly one of the prettiest European countries we have been to.

Slovenia is like one big ichigo ichie moment – a giant sunflower pressed between the leaves of a heavy book waiting to bloom again in memories.

If you have been to Slovenia share your favourite nooks, corners and spots of the country in the comments below.

Also, If you found this informative or if it inspires you to live the Ichigo Ichie moment, let us know. We will be overjoyed to hear! 

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  1. So beautiful and so detailed. Have never been to Slovenia but I could feel it in every line of your write-up. You make me want to travel to Slovenia the Ichigo Ichie way 🙂

  2. A very beautiful narrative of the trip.It makes a person feel as if they are along for the ride.Beautiful pictures too.loved reading it and having my mind explore the trip along with you

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for dropping by to read the experience! Slovenia is nature’s paradise waiting to be explored. Hope you have a lovely road trip 🙂

  3. Slovenia looks amazing!
    And your blog is so detailed!
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    1. I’m glad I could bring some autumn hues to your rainy afternoon. Hope you make it to Slovenia soon 🙂

  4. What a lovely blog ! I loved all details narrated as if I am too walking along ! Now I am so intrigued to explore this place !

    1. Hello Bijal,

      We are glad you liked reading our blog. Slovenia was indeed one of the best road trips I have ever done. The Vrsic Pass drive had such stunning views. You should definitely have this country in your bucket list. Hopefully next year you can visit ;). Cheers.

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